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“Two Offline Network Marketers Discover An Online Oil Well That Gushes Leads And Sales”

jeff & jess at livWhat’s up!

Jeff & Jess here.

We’re not normal.

For lots of reasons.

We collect comic books, listen to gangster rap, and are apart of the small percentage of people who make a six figure income from the network marketing industry to start.

We accepted our weirdness a long time ago.

That’s sort of something you’ve got to come to terms with if being successful at anything is in your future.

People are going to look at you funny and think you’re a little weird when you’re committed to a road less travelled.

Who wants to be normal anyways? Sounds boring.

This network marketing thing has been something we’ve been committed to for a long time.

We have built offline teams with volume in the tens of millions and have been very blessed to have been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars through the industry.

Our track record has landed us squarely in the top 1% of people to ever enter into the industry.

In fact we never really “struggled” in MLM.

We hit six figures right out the gate within 9 months of starting when Jeff was just 22.

I know that’s hard to hear sometimes especially if you’re working hard and struggling.

But this is our truth. We can’t tell you a story that’s not ours.

We do mention it here though however because it may interest you to know that despite all that we were still frustrated and not loving the life we were living.

We built our business the way most people build their network marketing businesses.

We bought and studied the books.

We went to EVERY company event and tried to go to one or two external MLM events a year on top of personal development events.

We were in Starbucks or an office presenting information 3-5 times a day full time and in different team members homes 5 nights a week presenting information and closing sales/bringing on new team members.

When we weren’t presenting we had 2 all consuming activities we would focus on.

  1. Talk to our prospects on the phone and close them to a meeting with us.
  2. Find more prospects.

Most other things in our life got pushed to the side pursuit of our goal.

After all we only had to do that for 5 years and then we could play catch up on life later right?

For some people maybe that’s the case.

After about 8 years of consistently earning six figures and keeping a hectic schedule with home parties and travelling for events we eventually got to a point where we had to have a serious conversation about where we were going and how we were going to get there.

We found ourselves grinding thinking the whole time “I can’t wait until we don’t have to do this anymore”.

Talk about a walking contradiction.

Recruiting people to a way of life we weren’t even personally thrilled about.

Don’t get us wrong.

There are amazing perks to being a top earner in network marketing.

We have travelled the world, made incredible friends, and had some amazing experiences.

Jeff & Jess At Atlantis

We just wanted to build a life and a business where we were excited about the PROCESS of reaching our goals.

We realized that doing something just so we could eventually stop doing it was a waste of our precious time here on earth.

We wanted to build something we could retire INTO and enjoy doing forever.

We turned our efforts online in 2013.

It didn’t take us long to realize that the online marketing world was big, confusing, and overwhelming.

There were so many different ways to approach it. All of which we knew nothing about.

We wanted to learn how we could still connect and impact people but do it in a way that still gave us our freedom of time and also the freedom to work wherever we wanted.

We decided that we would master free traffic by learning how to dominate the search engines.

So instead of:

Now we can through a simple blog like this position ourselves in front of literally tens of thousands of people who are already searching for how to buy what we’re selling.

Doesn’t that sound more fun and effective?

Having pre qualified people who already know who you are chasing you down to buy what you have?

Through out this blog we teach you step by step exactly how we are able to rank and bank.

You can follow along and do it yourself or if you’re looking for Push Button Results we got ya covered.

Either way you want to roll we’re here to be your guide through the online galaxy.

Want to sit shotgun in our Millennium Falcon and see how we do it?

Click Here To Learn More About How We Throw Down…

Well let’s crank the bass and roll out…

Guardians of the marketing galaxy,

Jeff & Jess

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