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DS Domination Review – 2 Major Warnings Before You Join

Would you believe most people looking for a DS Domination Review are actually looking for information to justify them NOT taking action and going for it?


Yo, Jeff here.

And what I mean is some people are actively TRYING to gather reasons to convince themselves that this won’t work for them.

Come on, you know what I’m talkin about here.

Sometimes it’s easier to temporarily live with our excuses and made up obstacles than to face the truth, nut up, and take some uncomfortable action towards our real goals.

Well guess what?

Despite the fact I believe that if you go lookin for something, you will usually find it…

…it is tough to find something about the company and opportunity to hate on.

But there are some things you need to know if you’re trying to decide if you should take a swing at it.

Peep this quick video if you want skip the reading ;)

Alright, let’s take the gloves off.

What Is DS Domination?

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Millionaire Mentality Mastermind – How To Make Money On Facebook

The Millionaire Mentality Mastermind is not for everyone. And I’m going to break down why below. millionaire-mentality-mastermind

Can You Make Money On Facebook?

What’s up, Jeff here.

Chances are incredibly good that you have heard or seen someone telling you that “You Too Can Make Money On Facebook!”

It’s true. Well sort of.

You see there are actually thousands of ways to go about stacking chips via the big blue monster aka: Facebook.

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The truth is that although it’s possible, it’s hard.

Oh snap! A marketer telling you something is actually hard and takes work. Oh no he didn’t

Most people struggle, get frustrated, waste time, and spend a LOT of money trying to figure it out with no avail.

Despite the learning curve people are still taking a swing at the Facebook hustle.

And rightly so. Facebook is a marketers dream.

It’s like the first time you discovered using cheat codes while playing video games.

It’s an absolute unfair advantage in favour of marketers looking to sell ANYTHING to their desired target audience.

How To Make Money On Facebook Pages

Just ask Jason Dehnert.

Jason is the founder of Millionaire Mentality Mastermind and has been, suffice it to say making Facebook his bitch for years. He and his brother Kris have been killing it in the marketing and social media game with their company Big Time Operators.


Jason knows something you don’t…

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How To Use Long Tail Pro Platinum

What’s up? Jeff here.

Let me kick this off by saying learning how to use Long Tail Pro Platinum is pretty much non negotiable once you understand how much time it saves you.

Learning to wield a tool like this gives you the power to do things you  could never do without it.


That’s after all what any tool is supposed to do isn’t it?

Save us time, energy, and give us some sort of competitive advantage?

Let’s face it, most marketers fail because their blogs are baron wastelands void of any signs of life and riddled with random posts about anything and everything .

These people are blogging because someone told them that was what they had to do to get leads and sales.

So they sit down at their laptop and let it all fly.

This trigger happy approach doesn’t work.

Why not put down the machine gun and pick up the sniper rifle?

You think you’re too cool for school…

but I got a newsflash for you Walter Cronkite: there are already tens of thousands of salivating, credit card waving, ready to buy people looking for exactly what you have.

These people are your Hungry Target Market and they’re looking specifically for you.

Long Tail Pro is like having the Oracles eyes.

Instead of blogging blind it gives you the power to know ALL about your Hungry Target Market and blog to satisfy their very specific appetite.

Knowing exactly what this group of people is searching for and how competitive that specific search is gives us loco leverage, saves us time, and allows us to rank high in Google quickly.

Long Tail Pro Platinum makes all of this incredibly simple and is why we consider it a mandatory “can’t leave home without it” gadget in our bat belt.

Long Tail Pro Platinum Review

Spencer Haws created Long Tail Pro as a keyword research tool to fill the void he found in the market for doing quality research for niche sites.

The tool was designed to be able to scope out lucrative long tail keywords with limited competition as to give us the bloggers an edge BEFORE we even build our blog or write a post.

Basically it’s a high powered sniper rifle that lets you bank cash through blogging faster and easier than ever before.

Our favourite feature found only in the Platinum addition of Long Tail Pro is “KC” rating for every search term.

This is the average keyword competitiveness which is a rating from 1-100 which tells you how difficult that specific keyword is to rank for.

We’ll show you exactly how we use the tool to dominate the search engines in the video below.

Now can you see how simple it is to dominate the search engines when you use Long Tail Pro Platinum as a research tool before you even begin?

Grab the tool for yourself right here. After you have downloaded Long Tail Pro Platinum just throw your ClickBank order number into the comments section below this post and we will immediately send you our “Long Tail Lightsaber Bonus” video where we leak some of our most coveted money getting tactics using Long Tail Pro.

Or peep the pros and cons below.

Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to use. The bells and whistles that only serve to confuse have been stripped away leaving amazing minimalistic functionality. Don’t forget your “Long Tail Lightsaber Bonus” includes a video walkthrough of exactly how to use the tool, case studies, and my favourite tactics.
  • Keyword Competitiveness “KC” let’s you bully your way to the top of Google. This function is only featured in the Platinum version but it is so gangster this alone is worth the $17 a month based on the time it saves. Think about it, every keyword/keyphrase given a score out of 100 telling you instantly if it’s even worth your time. Brilliant!
  • Great customer support. I’ve had a couple issues with software updates in the past. One email to the LTP team and all issues resolved within 24 hours. Sleep easy support.
  • Install on up to 3 devices (Mac or PC). Only additional software needed to run is Adobe Air which is free. Easy peasy.


  • Cost. Long Tail Pro Platinum which is what I recommend cost a one time fee of $97 with an on going monthly fee of $17 a month. Certainly not going to break the bank especially considering what you can do with this tool to yield a high return on your investment but none the less it’s not free like some keyword tools out there are.
  • I have found it to be glitchy at times. Especially around updates. Any issues I’ve seen seem to get resolved quickly though.

There you have it.

We hope this quick review and tutorial helps you in some way on your quest for cosmic keyword domination.

Understanding how to use Long Tail Pro Platinum truly is one of the best ways to WIN before you start.

To add it to your arsenal you can click here to buy it and scoop up your bonus.

Drop any questions you have below.

Jeff and Jess

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